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We provide everything from advisory to full service growth partnership programs. Through this work we assist startups in their transition from concept to profitable and sustainable high-growth businesses.
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We provide strategic planning, corporate partnerships, and access to capitalization to help a select few founders fast-track their growth via our partner programs.

We are industry leaders in offering best in class hands-on support and resources, along with expert advice and guidance, to help founders achieve their goals.
Corporate Venture Development
Immersion works alongside the world's leading enterprises as a venture development as a service partner.

Through this work Immersion has established a vibrant network of corporate venture partners. These corporations are eager to collaborate with startups to transform challenges into sustainable business solutions

We take pride in making a long term sustainable impact on the communities that we invest in. Building legacy brands that return capital to those investing in them while being globally recognized within their industries.

We understand that the ultimate goal of any startup is to grow and scale their business. However, we believe that this growth should be sustainable and based on a solid foundation of revenue. That’s why our focus is on helping founders and investors build companies that positively impact the culture of our communities in a profitable way and then matching them with investment when the time is right. 

Our unique approach to mentoring combines expert advice and guidance with hands-on support and resources to help you achieve your goals. From refining your business plan to developing your marketing strategy, we’ll work with you every step of the way to help you build a successful and profitable business.

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Our Vision & MISSION.


To leverage the power of our community and human centered design processes to act as a catalyst for innovation ecosystems around the world.


Immersion will always hold its community accountable to our core values of building an ecosystem driven by ethical leaders with a passion for positive impacts

What Drives Us?

The Questions That Drive Innovation

We work alongside the largest life insurance provider in the united states to develop a virtual workforce development solution that has democratized the access to skills and work across America.

Today ease has been used by thousands of professionals and serves as a solution for enterprise HR teams.

Ease is an alum of the world's top technology accelerator programs gener8tor and Plug & Play Tech Center and is backed by some of the nation's top angel investors, CSA Partners and Northwestern Mutual. “Ease has developed a very innovative platform that can help companies across all industries create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. We look forward to working with them and helping their company grow.

How Might We Democratize The Access To Work Through Technology? Focus Area: Corporate Innovation

We support the nation's most innovative teacher and the state of Indiana to apply the design thinking process to a high school accelerator experience that drives results and democratizes the access to venture education for high school students.

Today this program is now used in 100% of high schools in the state of Indiana and serves over 4,500 students per year that culminates at the nation's largest high school pitch competition in Indianapolis.

This program has been supported by the state of Indiana, Garyvee, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Indy 500, Dallara, CES and many more around the world. We have seen numerous students exits and patents through teaching these students how to use design thinking to see problems as opportunities.

How Might We Use Design Thinking To Accelerate Entrepreneurship At All Ages? Focus Area: Education

We work alongside some of the nation's fastest growing emerging brands to see how leveraging the power of influential leaders in our society to connect people with brands can create new cultures within our communities?

Through this process we were able to create over 400% YoY growth for each participating brand while also establishing new purchasing patterns and cultural dynamics within those target cities.

This included programs with notable stars such as Machine Gun Kelly, Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston's Dos Hombres, Bronny Jenner with Mamitas and GoPuff, Keyshia Cole, Lil Jon, Loud Luxury, Wax Motif, Cheat Codes, Keyshia Cole, and many more.

How Might We Leverage The Power Of Celebrities And Influencers To Drive Culture Around A Brand? Focus Area: CPG, Brand & Retail

We work alongside the nation's leading commercial interior design firm, Steelcase and Configura to develop a custom remote workforce solution for commercial interior designers. We became the first organization to obtain a single user license solution for Configura and Steelcase smart tools.

This allowed commercial interior designers to be able to obtain access to the nation's leading design tech without having to be an enterprise. This revitalized the commercial interior design talent ecosystem and allowed for us to create an entirely new marketplace for corporations to connect with commercial interior designers regardless of where they were located.

This program achieved national notoriety and led to the creation of a new business model that has expanded to other design firms around the country.

How Might We Use Technology Create Equity In The Commercial Interior Design Industry? Focus Area: Corporate Innovation

We had a very simple series of question we asked that led to the digital transformation of a $1B family owned financial institution turning into a Fintech solution.

We asked; What are the driving forces that allow an organization to become a legacy and how do you continue to innovate while maintaining those core values? How can technology play a role in this?

Over the course of a 12 month sprint we were able to convert a legacy lending service into a digital loan origination solution that allowed for contractor to be able to sell and offer financing in real-time while out on the job.

We Help Legacy Brands Reignite Innovation Within Their Organization? Focus Area: Startup Studio/Digital Transformation


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