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We provide comprehensive advisory services for founders and startups, offering expert mentorship, financial planning assistance, go-to-market strategy development, corporate collaboration facilitation, and investor relations management, all geared towards driving sustainable and impactful growth.



We facilitate a unique program for enterprise companies and Corporate Venture Capital businesses, encouraging active collaboration with startups to tackle industry challenges, leveraging our global network of innovators, and fostering a community impact focused on building an ecosystem of ethical leadership and positive growth.


We provide investors with a unique program that strategically matches them with high-growth, impactful ventures, offers direct access to startups through venture office hours and pitch sessions, encourages smart money investments, exposes them to innovative solutions, and includes participation in our bi-annual summit to aid informed investment decisions.

We Accelerate Innovation From Idea To Exit

The Immersion Difference

Transforming the landscape of startup acceleration, Immersion harnesses unparalleled relationships and a uniquely effective business model to ignite sustainable growth, foster robust partnerships, and shape the future of innovation.

Startup Community Catalyst

21K+ Founders in our global network

Discover the power of our expansive global network, connecting to over 21,000 ambitious founders, where access is gained to invaluable knowledge sharing, collaborative partnerships, and growth opportunities that transcend borders and revolutionize industries.

600+ Mentors & Leaders

The transformative potential of our diverse community of over 600 experienced mentors and leaders is ready to guide, support, and empower every entrepreneurial journey. Our network benefits from their wealth of knowledge, industry insights, and invaluable connections to accelerate your growth, make informed decisions, and reach new heights of success.

50+ Corporate Members

Our exclusive network of over 50 corporate members are at the forefront of innovation and actively seeking collaboration opportunities with startups. Becoming a part of this esteemed community, allows access to a diverse range of industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential strategic partners. Leveraging their expertise, resources, and market influence helps to propel startups forward and unlock exciting growth opportunities.

$1million+ in Perks

Experience a wealth of incredible perks through our membership program, offering access to over $1 million in value. From valuable discounts on services and products to exclusive opportunities for networking and professional development, our perks provide a wide range of benefits to enhance your journey. Take advantage of these valuable resources and elevate your path to success with our extensive selection of perks, carefully curated to empower and support your growth.


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Immersion Connects

Join Immersion Connects

Members of Immersion Connects are united by a shared vision for a future marked by creativity, equality, and sustainability. They elevate the stature of pioneering organizations that invest in human potential and their startup ventures.

With an Immersion Connects membership, members gain the ability to influence the future landscape of global innovation alongside startups. They foster a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurship, supporting startups worldwide with access to resources, thereby driving innovation and facilitating genuine growth.

The Immersion Connects membership is open to those committed to supporting startups and their founders through financial investment, expert guidance, and access to a network that has a rich history of assisting founders, irrespective of their geographical location.

Future market leaders are emerging quicker and better prepared to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges, because Immersion Connects members are better equipped to invest in these entrepreneurs.

The Immersion Connects membership presents members with both the opportunity and the ability to shape the future of innovation with startups worldwide within a network of accelerators and innovation studios.